The Starling Method(TM) EFT Certification

3 Month Intensive Training Programme in Emotional Freedom Techniques and The Starling Method(TM)

Learn EFT Deeply & Differently

You likely know, because you're here, that EFT is one of the most transformational tools you can use as a human, either to help yourself ands your loves ones or your clients. Like Acupuncture but with not a needle in sight (thank the Goddesses) Tapping is rooted in Neuroscience, resilience and gets results quickly, deeply and without re-traumatisation. You can learn Tapping almost anywhere these days, so why learn it from me?

I teach EFT differently. I have been teaching it online since 2017 and I am an Accredited Master Trainer, taught by some of the founding Masters and Practitioners of EFT. I also have a gift of being able to teach things in a simple, intuitive way. I will spend 3 months with you - teaching you the techniques, showing you how to use them, helping you hone your skills, watching and guiding you to become a skilled AND confident practitioner.

I also work with you to uncover your Why, your purpose and WHO is waiting for your magic. Together we will craft a new business or weave EFT into your existing practice. I will be with you every step of the way.

Why is The Starling Method(TM) Different? 

It's my life's work, my calling. You see, I love clean and pure EFT.... AND I also love using my intuition, visualisation and the senses to really get to the root of issues so they can be honoured and released.

I'll teach you the Emotional Freedom Techniques, I'll show you how and when to use them AND I'll help you EMBODY it, so that you do it naturally, intuitively and easily.  

That's the only way I've found to TRULY get out of your own way so that you can DEEPLY hold space for your clients and provide deep and lasting transformation.  

Quite simply, The Starling Method is different. It takes my 30 years of studying different energy modalities and bringing a little extra oomph into the EFT that I teach. OK, a lot more Oomph!  

The result? You get the standard teachings that will give you access to Accreditation should you wish, and you get the extra pizazz of the Starling Method to really amplify your results for your clients. Win win!  

I've been teaching Tapping online since 2017 and am an Accredited Master Trainer with The EFT & Mindfulness Centre in the UK. I'm also an Approved Supervisor, so I can help you after you've certified to stay up to date with your trainings, experience, reflection and methods.  

If you train with me you will get all your boxes ticked -  

- Clean EFT Training
- Certification and Accreditation
- Fully insurable Certification  

PLUS -  

- Expanded intuition and self trust
- Confidence in your abilities and magic
- Clarity on who you want to help and how to find them
- A community of Kindred Souls who value Practicality & Energetics  

The Starling Method (TM) will give you the clarity, confidence and certification to reach your Kindred Clients(TM) quickly so the transformation can begin.  

We start on 15th September 2022

Are you joining us?

The Starling Method(TM) Certification Curriculum

What if you could experience all this in your business?


Get completely clear around your Kindred Client(TM), why and how you want to serve them. This set's the tone for your entire business direction and creates a Clarion Call for your Mission.


Confidence in your skills and abilities,  in your command of EFT, in how to lead a client session and in knowing how to get to the heart of the issue. Always know what to say.


Fully insurable certification in The Starling Method(TM) which includes Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1 & 2. This certification is fully Accredited if you choose this route. 


Connect deeply to yourself and your Intuition, so that you can truly get yourself out of the way and hold transformational space for your clients. This part is often missing from many courses.

It's time to step into your Greatness and start changing lives

Hi, I'm Emma Starling and I'm so glad you're here. For the last decade I've been helping people raise their levels of happiness, deserving, confidence & income using Emotional Freedom Techniques and other energy methods.

Before EFT, I was living the Corporate Dream and it was sucking my soul dry, one day at a time. The more I dove into my own self development, the more I realised I was capable of something very different.

The day I discovered EFT I knew nothing would ever be the same. After years of struggling with Anxiety, low self esteem and other nasties, I had tried everything to feel better naturally. EFT turned my life around, quickly and easily and I wanted to help others do that too.

The day I first trained in EFT, it was like time stopped.  I felt a rush of immediate relief. I had found the thing I had been looking for, and I was really good at it. I trained as a Teacher in 2017 and in 2021 I became an Accredited Master Trainer.

I've created my business mostly online harnessing the power of group work. I tell you all of this so you know you are in good hands. 

Jaime Blair
Digital Nomad Business Coach and Copywriter

 "After working with Emma, my daily anxiety is a distant memory. Trust myself and my intuition, and I show up with confidence in my business. Emma is by far the most gifted and intuitive EFT Practitioner that I've ever experienced. Learning The Starling Method(TM) was the best decision I've made because now I know the skills and techniques to use EFT every day to manage and heal my emotional, spiritual and financial health" 

Becky Clabaugh
Mindset & Marketing Coach for Realtors

 "I'm so grateful for Emma's certification. I have been able to use Tapping as a mindset tool when working with my clients with their marketing efforts. It has been a game changer. I am getting a ton of referrals now and my clients are getting INCREDIBLE results! There is no way I would be this far without her program and certification. Emma is a Master." 

Jo Sanders
EFT Practitioner & Intuitive Reader

 "I completed my EFT training with Emma a few years ago. I was both nervous and excited to see where this Practitioners course would take me. I had no idea that with the help, encouragement and sharing of information that Emma gave me, it would change the course of my professional and personal life. Her personal guidance during and after the course had lead me to my own practice and I'm absolutely delighted." 

Get Clear, Confident, Connected & Certified

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of ways to train in EFT Tapping and they are all great. The Starling Method(TM) is different because it comes from the space of connection; to self, to source and to your client. It also incorporates Visualisation, meditation and sensory acuity methods to make it incredibly powerful.

Absolutely. Emma leads all trainings, Offices Hours and other sessions. 

Depending who joins the container, I will be finding a slot that suits all time zones.

Prices vary depending on audience, location, experience, niche, and specialism as well as your confidence and your ability to get results. We will be going through this in the programme. 

Typically speaking I encourage Practitioners to have undergone Level 3 before engaging with Deep Trauma as a niche, however Level 2 will equip you to be able to deal with whatever comes up to keep the client emotionally safe. 

Absolutely! If paying in full is not an option for you can choose to pay over 12 months. You will remain legally responsible for completing all payments via the payment plan. 

This is for anyone wanting to use EFT in their business, future or current. 

This certification is Accredited via The EFT & Mindfulness Centre. We will go through all the necessary steps in the programme. 

The learning and live sessions will take around 4-6 hours per week, depending how quickly you learn. You will be required to attend 100% of the live sessions to be considered for Certification. I also encourage you to practice in between sessions and to do additional reading and study. 

There is a no refunds policy because I carefully create each container and cohort and it takes considerable time and energy to ensure this programme works for everyone involved. Therefore please ensure you are 100% certain before enrolling, that you can meet all the requirements. 

No problem! Grab some time to chat with me using this Calendly Link - https://calendly.com/innersmilecoach/eft-practitioner-programme-call