Hi, I'm Emma!
I help Perimenopausal Business Owners create a Healthy Body, Business and Bank Account from the inside out. 
I also train world-class Energy Healers & Coaches to get outstanding results for their clients, using Emotional Freedom Technique and Energetic Expansion TM. If any of this resonates, click on the button below & let's chat!

Which one of these sounds like you?

You want a Healthy Body

You're likely in Perimenopause, or at least mid-life, you may be carrying unwanted weight that you can't seem to shift, or your energy has flat lined. 

You probably aren't sleeping well, you may even have had a succession of being poorly and have struggled to get better.

You are so READY to just feel better in your body, without the punishment of dieting, and you want to know how to sustain this for yourself.

The Healthy Body Hub helps you feel healthier in body, mind and spirit & is a membership you can join or leave anytime. Click below to read more and get on the wait list. 

You want a Healthy Business

You are a Coach, Healer, or Wellness Professional and have had some success in your business but don't yet have either the income or the freedom you desire from it.

You want to stand out in your field but not have to be everywhere on social media proving yourself.

You want simple, solid business foundations that put you back in your zone of genius more.

The Whole Business Academy gives you robust research, strategies, energy work, weekly calls, sprints and implementation support over 12 months. Click below to learn more and join.

You want a Healthy Bank Acct

You are aware that your income and savings is not where you want it to be for your goals and dreams..... and you've tried all the things.

Nothing has worked so far and you can't seem to get past a ceiling in your income.

You set yourself financial goals, and maybe you even hit them, but then you find yourself either getting sick or sabotaging somehow.

Whether you have your own business, or you work for someone else, you are TRULY ready to change this now, for good. Click below to learn more about my Healthy Money Programme.

The Common Denominator - Energy

Everything I do is about helping people feel better naturally, no matter what is going on around them.

Throughout my life I have realised that everything starts with how we FEEL - how healthy our bodies get to be, how good our business gets to feel, and how worthy we feel of having, creating or going after what we want in this life.

Who you are BEING while you are DOING is everything! So your energy is the key to success in anything you do, and it's my mission to help you master it.

I can also train you as an Energy Practitioner, in either EFT or Energetic Expansion (which includes an EFT Intermediate Certification) so you can help your clients and stand out in your field as an expert who gets results.

Here's what some of my clients had to say about working with me...

Jaime Blair, Business Consultant for Copywriters & Book Yourself Solid Consultant. 

When I called Emma for help, I was torn apart by frustration. I had been struggling to get my coaching business launched, making no progress. It felt like I had an invisible wall right in front of me that I couldn't move past. I had no idea what I was in for. This has had a positive effect on every part of my life: I'm not riddled with anxiety anymore. I approach problems with quiet resolve and curiosity instead of panic and dread. Finally, I'm ready to bet on myself.

Becky Clabaugh, Mindset Coach & EFT Practitioner

I'm so grateful for Emma's EFT certification. I have been able to use Tapping as a mindset tool when working with my clients with their marketing efforts. It has been a game changer. I am getting a ton of referrals now and my clients are getting incredible results! There is no way I would be this far without her program and certification. Emma is a master.

Jo Sanders, EFT Practitioner & Energy Healer

I completed my EFT training with Emma a few years ago. I was both nervous and excited to see where this practitioners course would take me. I had no idea that with the help, encouragement and sharing of information that Emma gave, it would change the course of my professional and personal life. Her personal guidance during and after the course has led me to my own practice and I'm absolutely delighted.

Would you like to become an EFT Practitioner or Energetic Expansion TM Practitioner?

If you are interested in training in Emotional Freedom Technique or Energetic Expansion (TM) check out the Events Calendar below and click to register.
All Certification programmes are fully Accredited through the EFT & Mindfulness Centre & CPD Accredited too!

  • I am an Accredited Master Trainer with over a decade of experience
  • You get CPD Accreditation automatically when you train with me
  • I train over zoom, so you can join from almost anywhere in the world
  • I train in a variety of ways, to suit existing business owners or those in jobs

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