Hi, I'm Emma!
Visionary Energy Workers, Healers and Coaches work with me to build a solid, sustainable business that frees them up to go do their magic and blaze a trail, while building a legacy. Get started today by booking a Whole Business Audit (TM) with me below and let's get total clarity on where you need to start! 

If you are a bit of a maverick, a disrupter, a black sheep and you yearn for huge impact, yet you struggle to attract your Kindred Client, make the living that supports your dreams  or, worse still, are settling for mediocre results, you are in the right place my friend.

I work on activating the next level identity for you and your business. That means you becoming ALL. OF. YOU and taking that out into the world in a way that the people who need you can find you. It means being so clear on what you stand for and against in this life that you gently repel those who are not for you. It means owning & showing the magic that's inside of you. 

We can do that together in various ways. You can go low-level and see how my magic feels, you can train in EFT and Conscious Energy Clearing with me to bring extra impact to your clients AND heal your hidden blocks in the process. Or you can either join my Whole Business Academy to build a badass sustainable business you adore OR we can go 1:1 and dive DEEP....

You're in the right place if...

You're a gifted healer, energy worker or intuitive entrepreneur with a big vision to spread your gift out into the world and you want a business that's in harmony with your values, lifestyle, family and energy levels.

You desire a business that lights you up, brings you money & time freedom but you don't want to sacrifice personal and family time and burn out trying to be everywhere, and everything to everyone.

You are very creative, with ideas everywhere, but struggle to crystalise them into life-changing offers, price them appropriately and create a system that get them into the hands of your Kindred Client.

You're ready for solutions that are simple, sustainable and above everything else, feel good - to you, your clients and the collective.

I can help.....
At the heart of everything we do sits our Whole Business Method (TM) which combines the three core elements of Clear, Confident & Connected. We help our clients create secure, sustainable businesses that are aligned with their values whilst creating more impact for their clients and less impact on their adrenals. Success the sustainable way.

When you're clear on who you want to work with, who your competition is and you are unique position in the market, your vision and mission, business and revenue goals you can create a map to take you there. You Activate your next level identity.

When you are connected to where you want to take your business and how you can help transform peoples lives, the marketing piece becomes easy. Add an evergreen marketing system into that mix and you get to spend less time throwing spaghetti at the walls and more time in your zone of genius. You Align the marketing & visibility with your values.

When you have systems in place that automate your standard operating procedures (anything you do more than once in your business), you're clear on your cash flow and your profit projections, you're able to grow a team to support you so that you can Amplify your impact, without impacting your adrenals.

When you clear away all of the old, stagnant vibrations that hang around in the blindspot of your energy system, old ways of thinking and behaving simply no longer happen. You are set free to create your business and your life exactly how you want it without fear of failure, judgement, making mistakes, seeming greedy and instead you go after your mission, fully confident and trusting in yourself as a good human and as an expert in your field - and you transform lives on a much deeper level.

Here's what some of my clients had to say about working with me...

Jaime Blair, Business Consultant for Copywriters & Book Yourself Solid Consultant. 

When I called Emma for help, I was torn apart by frustration. I had been struggling to get my coaching business launched, making no progress. It felt like I had an invisible wall right in front of me that I couldn't move past. I had no idea what I was in for. This has had a positive effect on every part of my life: I'm not riddled with anxiety anymore. I approach problems with quiet resolve and curiosity instead of panic and dread. Finally, I'm ready to bet on myself.

Becky Clabaugh, Mindset Coach & EFT Practitioner

I'm so grateful for Emma's EFT certification. I have been able to use Tapping as a mindset tool when working with my clients with their marketing efforts. It has been a game changer. I am getting a ton of referrals now and my clients are getting incredible results! There is no way I would be this far without her program and certification. Emma is a master.

Jo Sanders, EFT Practitioner & Energy Healer

I completed my EFT training with Emma a few years ago. I was both nervous and excited to see where this practitioners course would take me. I had no idea that with the help, encouragement and sharing of information that Emma gave, it would change the course of my professional and personal life. Her personal guidance during and after the course has led me to my own practice and I'm absolutely delighted.

Here's how we can work together

1:1 Coaching & Energy Work

This is for you if you desire the highest level of support with your business and life, click below to apply. Options from 30 days to 6 month packages, payment plans always available.

EFT Certification

Beginner, intermediate and advanced training in the emotional freedom technique, fully accredited through the EFT & Mindfulness Centre. Click below to learn more, payment plans always available.

Energy Clearing Intensive

This is for you if you've tried strategy, tactics & all things cerebral to make progress and still feel blocked, fearful or sabotaging yourself. Click below to learn how to permanently and quickly release old, stagnant vibrations from your energy field so that old patterns, thoughts and behaviours can no longer happen, setting you free to step into your next level.

Whole Business Academy (TM)

This is for you if you want to shortcut your path to sacred success goals in business, includes creating and aligning a full marketing strategy as well as your vision, mission, revenue goals, developing all of your systems and automation, team building and clear financials.
**Founding Members begin 1st July, 2022

Not sure what fits better? Drop us a line & let's chat