Hi, I'm Emma!

I'm the Founder of The Evolved Energetics Academy, a Master Trainer in EFT & Evolved Energetics and an Accredited Intuitive Coach.

I help Healers, Coaches & Wellness Professionals learn how to get epic results with their clients and create a thriving, ethical business that impacts the world but not their adrenals!

 If that resonates, and you're not there yet, let's talk! 

You're in the right place if...

You're an existing Coach or Healer

You've been in business for about a year or so, you have a client base and you're doing ok, but you feel deep down that you're skimming the surface of what you could truly accomplish with your clients.

You see clients bumping up against the same blocks, and not making the progress you would both love to see.

You have a big vision and mission for your business, yet you're likely not progressing as far as you'd like, not getting enough clients or bringing in enough income...

You're looking for that One Thing...

You have qualifications in Coaching or Healing and you love what you do, but you can't shake the feeling that there is something else. Something more powerful. There is.

You want to find the thing that will make the difference in your clients lives, so they heal quickly and painlessly and embody a new identity.

You want to learn something that will set you apart, create a rock solid business based on beautiful organic referrals from incredibly happy clients who have had huge transformation.

What holds Healers & Spiritual Coaches back the most?

Self Trust

Sounds overly simplistic, I know. 

But something I have discovered in over a decade of studying and teaching energy work modalities, is that the healers and coaches who make the biggest impact - and get the biggest transformation with their clients - are the ones who have developed rock solid self trust.

For this, you need Education, Embodiment and Evolution.

You need solid Education in the energy work modalities to ensure you have the right skills to create deep transformation. You need to understand the history and origin of your craft and how to use it skilfully.

You need to Embody those skills deeply so that you trust your ability and intuition to guide you to use them appropriately. You need to walk the walk and be a product of the tools you teach so you become your own best advertisement. 

You need to Evolve constantly, in your skills and abilities and how you do business, who you are as a person and how you interact with others. You need consistent support, supervision and skills development, as well as help to work on your own stuff, so that it doesn't get in the of your client's transformation.....  because you can only meet someone as far as you've met yourself.

What if there was somewhere you could get all this?

Introducing The Evolved Energetics Academy

A World Class energy work training provider that empowers Healers, Coaches & Wellness Professionals to spread their own healing ripple, by focusing on self development, skills mastery and client safety. We lead, learn and practise with passion, integrity & humanity with our hearts at the centre of everything we do. 

I believe that to learn something fully and deeply, you need time. Time to learn the history and origins. Time to learn the nuts and bolts, the how of it all. I use the Learn, Do, Receive method to do this.

I believe that embodiment comes from good leadership, good self management and the complete immersion into the tool, modality or method you are learning. 

I believe that the evolution of Energetics and those who are blessed to practise it, is key to healing the collective. We are here at the perfect time to do this and we must forge a new path, now. 

I believe that Evolved Energetics, EFT and energy work in general is the one modality that enables true, deep and lasting healing without re-traumatisation for client or practitioner. 

At The Evolved Energetics Academy, we do Energy Work Training differently...

As well as the core certifications in EFT & Evolved Energetics, you get a Business Training track AND a self development track - all available to you for as long as you're an Academy member. 


You can train in EFT & Evolved Energetics, to Advanced Level within a 12 month period if you're ready. All your supervision & skills development needs are taken care of in this track. 


As a Healer, Intuitive Coach or Wellness Professional, we do business a little differently to most. The typical masculine methods can feel off, so we do things in a more aligned way. 


This track is not training you in tools, it's for you to access help yourself. Transactional Analysis therapy, sound healing, divinatory business guidance & wealth energetics work, all for you. 

Would you like to know more about the Academy itself?

Simply click on the button below to read more about the amazing resources and training available to you, AND the lifetime membership offer! 

If we've never met before...

I'm Emma Starling, and I love Energetics! I trained in EFT almost a decade ago and been obsessed with it ever since!

I come from a tiny hamlet in North Lincolnshire with 3 streets and zero shops. Highly in tune with the earth, vibration and frequency and a complementary medicine fan for over 30 years. I'm a plain speaking, Rottie loving, woo-as-they-come-but-practical-too 47 year old who values radical honesty and integrity above most else.

The main ways I work with people today are through my Academy, and in collaboration. I also love creating bespoke energy work trainings or support for other leaders' communities. If that's you, feel free to get in touch! 

My Energetics & Coaching journey

I am a Master Trainer in EFT

Having come across EFT first in 2013 for personal use, I trained with the Guild of Energists (previously the AMT) as Master Practitioner in 2015, then again with Peter Delves in 2016.
In 2017 I took Peter's Train The Trainer course and quickly began certifying people on Zoom and gathered international clients. In 2020 I trained again with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre to become a Master Trainer, and Approved Supervisor. This means all the EFT courses are accredited by them.

I'm a Certified Intuitive Coach

I first trained as a Coach with New Insights back in 2008 when I really fell in love with personal development and the coaching world. I used it to help me throughout my corporate career and in 2022, having followed Caroline Britton for a few years, I trained in her Intuitive Coach Academy and received glowing feedback for my exam assessments. I'm an Empath you see, and have always just "known" things. I didn't know until a decade ago that this was a superpower. When I was younger it just got in the way and made me doubt myself. In my coaching capacity, which I weave into all my energy work training, I work intensely with my intuition and Clairs to give the client a fully rounded experience that leaves no stone unturned.

I am CPD Accredited

My courses are CPD Accredited. It's really important to me to show that I am upholding high standards and that my methods of teaching are approved as not just acceptable but that have the gold seal of approval. I invest heavily in help with my courses/materials and proud of the services and training I am able to offer. My courses are Certified & Accredited through the EFT & Mindfulness Centre too which means we follow a strict ethical framework, comprehensive syllabus etc.

Grab some time to chat...

If you would like to talk about the Academy and find out if it's a fit for you, or if you would like to discuss a bespoke energy work package for your people, click on the button below and grab a time that suits you. I'm really looking forward to meeting you!