How Physio is like growing a Business

Have you ever injured yourself and had to have Physiotherapy? If you have, you may identify yourself in this. 6 months ago I fell on an outstretched hand and fractured my left shoulder in 3 places and have been in physio for 3 months now. 

This morning, I had an early session and when I arrived I was very aware I have had a few distractions lately, including sickness and injury for me and Mr Boss, and my shoulder felt stiff and like it wasn't going to reach as far as we hoped or expected. 

As I approached the measurement wall and crawled my fingers up to the normal place, to my dismay and happiness, they kept going! Not only was my arm not as stiff as I thought it was, it actually went past the best improvement marker I have had yet. 

So how come there was such a disconnect?

I was too close to it. Too close to every twinge and ache, every morning waking up with it stiff again. Too close to notice just how limber it's becoming. I had noticed it was easier to get it behind my back but I didn't think I could lift it as high in front. 

That's a matter of where I was choosing to focus. 

This has everything to do with building a business, especially if you're in the energy healing, creative and intuitive spaces.

You are so engrossed in your business because it's YOU. Your service is your usually-somewhat-intangible gift and you are so close to it, you can't necessarily see how it's working and the progress you're making. 

So how do you know whether your business is growing, and growing in the right way?  

Just like working with a Physiotherapist to show you tangible markers to prove you're progressing, you can also work with a business mentor to help you zoom out and see the progress in your business - and where you need to work on it.

The trouble, very often, is you don't because your creativity and intuition resist structure, systems and tracking. 

Yet they are the very things that will set you free. 

As a Business Mentor for Energy Healers, Therapists and Intuitives, I offer a full Business Audit where we explore 5 key areas of sustainable business building to see where you are today and identify any gaps. Then, I help you to understand what to focus on first. 

Most importantly thought, I help you to see really clearly just what you are capable of once you put in place certain things in those 5 areas. 

It's like going to the Physiotherapist feeling like you're not making progress and suddenly seeing way more progress than you expected!

You start to see things with new eyes, you start to believe in things you hadn't dared believe in previously. 

You begin to back yourself, and make decisions from a place of confidence and regulation, instead of fear and dysregulation. 

Doesn't that sound like a better way to do business? 

In November, I have a few Business Audits to gift to some incredible Energy Healers, Therapists and Intuitive Business Owners. They're valued at over £250!

If you would like one, email me at and tell me what your top challenge is today in your business and where you want to be. The first 5 will get an Audit absolutely free.

Let's get you the clarity you need to move things to the next level!

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