The Gift of Contrast

Posted On Jul 17, 2022 |

How to make the Human Meatsuit work for you, not against you.

This weekend I spent the most gorgeous Saturday afternoon sat under the shade of some big old trees in Sloane Square, London, chatting with my nephew and his partner. We were talking about how it's easy to worry about things, over-think things and get caught up in catastrophising and assuming the worst is going to happen. 

We agreed that many people seem to struggle with this, and then beat themselves up for doing so. Wondering whether you've locked the door properly or turned off the oven, not being able to focus on present conversations because you are so worried about what you may or may not have done. Looking forward into the future and having panicky moments, or full out panic attacks, about what might happen but hasn't yet. 

It's all human. It's all normal. It's all entirely fixable too. 

The Human Meatsuit is designed to keep us safe, at all times. Anything new, anything outside of our perceived sense of what's normal will put our spidey senses on overdrive until we bring things back under control with a projected outcome that we are used to. 

The thing with that is that life isn't like that. Life is full of contrast. My second favourite word of 2022. 

Contrast includes every eventuality, every shade of the rainbow, every emotion and feeling. Everything we are designed not to feel safe around. The unknown as opposed to the known. the unfamiliar. The new and exciting even gets scary tot he human brain after about a week to 10 days. 

Our ability to tolerate, nay embrace, the contrast is key to almost everything in this life. 

Tolerating the contrast means being ok with the funny feeling in the pit of your stomach because your brain has told your body that something isn't safe, whether past, present or perceived future. 

You know, that sudden lurch when you think you've left the back door open. The rush of adrenalin in your wrists, the heart palpitations when you think you've left the window open and the cat might get out and get squished. You have no evidence for it, you know you locked the door and the window and yet your brain still convinces you it's possible. 

When this happens, our pre-frontal cortex goes off line and we can't struggle to make rational decisions, be creative, resourceful or resilient. So all of a sudden, that conversation you're part of in the pub just goes onto mute and all you can think of is "I hope the cat can't get out, I better go home and make sure I shut the window".

Enter Energy Work. I am biased towards Emotional Freedom Technique of course, but there are tons of other things you can do in those moments. Heart Brain Coherence for one - go to for details about that. 

The thing is, once you do HBR or Tapping (EFT) to calm the stress response, you calm the speed of your brain waves so your thoughts are calmer. You bring your pre-frontal cortex back online so you can make rational, resourceful decisions, and your memory of locking the door comes flooding back. 

Ok, I'm geeking out on you I know but the thing is, this is so simple to remedy. 

Your brain will always freak you out because it's designed to look for risk. 

Are we safe, are we safe, are we safe..... that's all it's doing. 


In any situation. 

AND if you do Energy Work on a daily basis, guess what happens? 

Your brain stops reacting to things like it feels massively unsafe for no good reason. 

Your body doesn't clench so much when you are presented with a challenge. 

You recover quicker from stress and are able to bounce back to a resilient, resourceful state even in the midst of something unhelpful happening. 

You feel calm, collected and able to sit back and literally tolerate, and eventually embrace, the contrast - knowing you are safe, and all is well. 

Doesn't that sound amazing? 

It's my wish for you, and it's why I tap daily. 

To tap daily with me, join me over on and start your journey to embracing the contrast today! 

So much love,

 p.s. if you would like to know more about how I can help you feel like the calm amidst the storm, keep an eye on my Home page! There are tons of resources coming soon!

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