The WholeBusiness Academy (TM)

Helping the Healers of Humanity Reach the Humans They Serve

A Very Special Invitation

This is a very special invite for Energy Workers, Healers and Intuitive Entrepreneurs to join the WholeBusiness Academy 6 month programme as a Founding Member.

As Energy Workers, Healers and Intuitive Business Owners, what we do is somewhat intangible.

As such, it can be really difficult for us to get our message out there, so that our Kindred Clients can hear us clearly and know they need to work with us.

Sometimes it's really hard to put that into strategies & methods that bring us clients.

We can end up using spray and pray marketing and bootstrapping with $27 information products.

This is fine to a point and yet it may not create a future proof, safe and sustainable business that makes you feel safe.

You deserve to feel safe, every day.

If you're looking to make a big impact, you're very creative and yet you're not making the traction you wish to in your business, it is most definitely not your fault.

There is a barrage of information coming at you all day, every day and not all of it is helpful.

I want to help you create that future proof healing business that you dream about without burning out, selling out or leaving potential and transformation on the table.

I'll teach you a set of tools & techniques that are simple, yet robust, which will create a sense of freedom in your business so you can continue showing up authentically and spending most of your time in your zone of genius.

You can craft a business that you adore and that nourishes and supports your clients, your goals, your dreams and your adrenals, even if you don't like sales, marketing or tech.

You can dissolve all of the icky feelings around building a business that are holding you back, even if you don't know where those feelings come from or why they won't go away.

                                                  There is another way..


In order to call in your perfect Kindred Clients (TM), first of all we really need to understand them at a soul level. We also need to understand our place in the market and what makes us stand out so that we can express that fully. This isn't about competition. There is room for everybody, and everyone carries a uniqueness that resonates specifically for their Kindred Client (TM).

Let me help you get that crystal clear in your business & declare your presence.

In order for us to create the healing ripple and the impact we desire, we have to first know where we want to take our business and what it's going to do for us, our clients and the collective. We need a vision and a mission, and a roadmap to get us there. We need to dream big and allow the Universe to rearrange itself to bring it to us. We need to craft a delicious client journey that allows deep transformation & healing.

Let me help you map it all out & align it with you and your values.

In order for our Kindred Clients (TM) to know they need to work with us, we need to be visible out there in the ether and we need a Clarion Call (TM). Our clients need our guidance and expertise and a strong call to take action. I'll give you everything you need to create a simple marketing system that can encompass all this, and be something that's easy to maintain or even outsource. I'll even help you with pricing, messaging and audience building.

Let me show you how to stay in your zone of genius more often.

For that healing ripple and impact to be as big as we dream of, we must systemise and automate as much as possible so that we can take our message out even further. We must know what our cash flow is like so that we can feel safe. We need to future proof our business by making the back office stuff so easy, someone else could do it for us.

Let me show you how to set up your systems to give you back your freedom.

For us to have a WholeBusiness (TM) that serves us, our clients and the collective we need to also clear away what's in our blindspots in terms of old, stagnant vibrations that create unhelpful thoughts feelings and behaviours. For us to learn, integrate and fully implement the systems and processes that will give you back your freedom, we must soothe the resistance, worry or fear around learning new things first so the pre-frontal cortex is fully online and ready to receive and process.
Let me take you on an immersive energy clearing experience while you build your legacy business to amplify your results beyond your wildest dreams. 

Imagine what it would be like if you felt like this every day...


In who you want to work with, what you offer, how you are unique and how you are going to help them transform their lives. Imagine how easy it would be for you to speak about yourself and how you can help people, and feel good about it.


In your vision & mission, your revenue & lifestyle goals and how you are going to get there in a way that feels aligned to you. Imagine knowing exactly where you're going to take your business over the next 12 months and feel confident it will get there.


To your intuition, to your clients, to your message and to how you want to create that healing ripple you desire. Imagine what it would feel like to answer all your own questions by going inward and being able to trust the answer you receive.

It absolutely can be this way. Once you've implemented the tools I will give you, you have a business you can just keep building and growing as you grow and expand. Nothing is static, so you need a business that is as flexible as it is sturdy.

It wasn't always this way for me, I built my business slowly around a full-time job and I wish I had had my current know-how back then. It would've shortcut my path to a sustainable aligned business by quite a few years. Not to mention the stress of it all.

I want to help you create the same shortcut to sustainable success, whatever that looks like for you. So let me ask you this, would you rather keep trying by patching together three and low-cost courses that only give you a tiny portion of what you need. 

Or would you like to be shown step-by-step how to set up your business so that it almost runs itself, giving you back more time for your creativity, your sanity and your loved ones?

Don't miss this chance to become the healer or intuitive business owner you know deep down that you are. You are here to take up space, to fulfil your souls destiny, without struggle, sacrifice or scarcity. I'm here to help you do just that.

Don't take my word for it...

 "I was searching for answers externally and becoming increasingly pent-up about energetically not receiving what my soul felt it needed. When we got on our first call together just to connect, there was an electricity to the words you spoke. It was the first time I had never questioned if a program or mentor had something real to offer me beyond just a twinge of hope. I realised I wasn't looking for another coach to tell me what to do, I was looking to be seen for what I am and pushed to expand that. The energy that attracted me was one of solidity."

Kate Cornelius
Life & Business Facilitator at Kate Cornelius

 "From a business/entrepreneur perspective, Emma prompts and positively challenges you to think about and identify what drives you, what it is you want to achieve and how. I have been stuck and frustrated for several months, promising myself I would move forwards and yet several months and I still hadn't. I was still stuck in the same old patterns even with some wonderful coaches and support around me. In under one week, Emma has enabled me to shift some mountainous blocks and barriers, and has also given me the space to prove to myself that I can do this. I feel as if I have more belief in myself, my gifts, my business and my future than I have for the last two years." 

Margaret D
Freelance writer

 "when I called Emma for help, I was torn apart by frustration. I have been struggling to get my business launched, making no progress. It felt like I had an invisible wall right in front of me that I couldn't move past. I have no idea what I was in for… I'm no newbie to self-help and reflection but I was floored by the revelations and it's like that every session. Each time something you cracks open and I come out, and stronger on the other side. I've taken bigger lips in building my Business and past two months than I had in the past two years. My progress feel swift and natural instead of filled with mental drama and out like I've always done. I'm no longer riddled with anxiety and finally, I'm ready to bet on myself." 

Jaime Blair
Business Coach for Copywriters at Jaime Blair

Here's what we will cover in our time together...

Course Curriculum

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The teaching part is pre-recorded into small sections that you can process easily. There are videos and audios as well as the Google based worksheets for you to fill out as you work through the videos. There will be a call every other week with me for Q&A's as well as an additional Accountability call to keep you on track and an Energy Clearing session on Zoom. You don't have to attend every call, the programme is structured so you can get the most out of it at the time it's convenient for you. There will be recordings of all Q&A sessions and Energy Clearings. If you cannot make it live, you can submit a question in advance for me to answer. Times of all calls will be set at times that suit most time zones as far as possible. 

You have lifetime access to the lessons in New Zenler, my learning platform. You will have 6 months in the dedicated group to benefit from my coaching and mentoring. After the 6 months ends, you will have the option to drop into an ongoing membership for additional implementation and accountability. 

Results will be entirely dependant on how much time you put into implementing the strategies I am going to teach you. As such, there are no refunds to the programme, but I will work with you as much as needed within the private group to help you get there. If you wish to work 1:1 with me to get additional help, you may want to choose the 1:1 Bolt On option. 

Still have Questions? 

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